Ecommerce Website Design

Search Engine Friendly Ecommerce:

Netconcepts understands the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have been specializing in SEO since 2000. Custom site design requires a lot of research and customer provided information. Our custom design process assures that we maintain your brand presence online while providing you increased traffic via natural search.

If you want your website to contain leading SEO practices, our GravityMarket system is the perfect solution for you.

SEO Design:

Why is this important and how does it relate to my consumers? Those are the questions clients want to know when discussing our GravityMarket ecommerce solution. GravityMarket has SEO built into it from the start. Its structure clearly communicates page relevancy to the search engines while providing the user with an easily navigated interface.

Having user and search engine friendly functionality on your website is extremely important and needs to be incorporated into your website design. Our team at Netconcepts will walk you through the proper steps involved to hone this process. After we conduct our research we will decipher where your keyword opportunities are and determine how to utilize our GravityMarket system to capture those opportunities.

SEO design aspects include:

  • Search-friendly URLs
  • Bread crumb navigation
  • Unique titles for H1 tags
  • SEO consulting practice
  • And more…

The Art of SEO – Cascading Style Sheets (CSS):

Creating the look and feel with website design takes a clear-cut cascading style sheet (CSS) file structure. Adhering to client preferences, Netconcepts builds search engine optimization (SEO) into all CSS files. This enhances the CSS HTML for search engine spiders. Most importantly, CSS files aide the flow of “Search Engine Juice” (Google PageRank) through your website. Layout of navigation, site hierarchy, branding, image/text location priority, etc. is all confirmed and fitted on CSS files. Having the proper mix of these features will grant your visitors and customers a better-quality shopping experience they will appreciate.

Cascading style sheets also optimize the user experience by minimizing page load time.

Our team at Netconcepts will work together with you in order to maximize sales opportunity on your website. Please Inform Us of any preferences or needs and learn more about how GravityMarket can strengthen your E-business.