GravityMarketGravityMarket is a respected and powerful retail store management platform enabling you to grow sales, manage customers and merchandize product online.

Netconcepts GravityMarket is different to other e-commerce platforms as it powerfully combines our international leadership in natural search marketing, online product merchandizing and online retail operations. You need all 3 to succeed in online retail!

GravityMarket ensures that more product pages are indexed by search engines and yielding traffic. The aim is to make every page in your retail store a highly engaging and successful sales person. every page needs to earn its keep.

Retail owners gain a competitive edge when they setup business through Netconcepts GravityMarket and feel secure knowing that their online store also meets with industry best practice and standards.

8 Reasons to use GravityMarket

  1. Increased “New to File” Customers and Overall Sales: GravityMarket retailers report on an increase in “new to file” customers and overall sales through increased relevant unbranded qualified traffic.
  2. Brand Reach Extended: The client’s brand footprint across the Internet is increased by increasing number of pages indexed by search engines and pages yielding traffic.
  3. Robust Catalog Platform: Better product management options, increased contextual up-selling and cross-selling functionality and advanced discounts and shipping options.
  4. Proven Shopping Cart: GravityMarket’s shopping cart is successfully proven by a multitude of retailers producing higher conversions and decreased abandoned shopping baskets.
  5. Ease of Integration: GravityMarket can be easily integrated with POS, CRM and other 3rd party systems.
  6. Standards Compliant: GravityMarket complies with W3 Web Standards, Accessibility, Usability and Natural Search best practices and industry standards. SEO is baked into the build of the website.
  7. Real Time Reporting: Access to extensive real-time reporting based on specific “Retail KPIs” enables easy analysis that enable retailers to make effective business decisions.
  8. Online Retail Know-How: Clients benefit from Netconcepts extensive online retail experience and online marketing services ensuring measurable results and a good return on investment.

Talk to Netconcepts today to get a “return on investment forecast” using the GravityMarket, online retail e-commerce management platform.