SEO: Website Redesign

A website redesign where SEO has been baked in from the very beginning will always outperform in terms of search engine visibility than a website redesign where SEO has been added on as an after-thought at the end.

Netconcepts has literally transformed clients’ businesses with redesigns that increase online visibility in the search engines, while providing robust administrative capability.

Through a process that involves planning, creative and user interface design, content development, implementation, system testing and training, a redesign by Netconcepts encompasses not just SEO, but conversion rate optimization as well. A deep understanding of web development best practices (which are the roots of our business back to 1995), along with the latest trends in Web 2.0 technologies allow us to deliver a holistic redesign that addresses needs well beyond search engine visibility to include sales visibility, accessibility, branding, and more.

Perhaps it’s best to let the results speak for themselves. Compare a couple of our “before” and “after” screenshots.

BEFORE                                                   AFTER

BEFORE                                                   AFTER

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