SEO: Link Building

Link building is arguably one of the most difficult and least understood aspects of search engine optimization. To many, it is a black box, or worse, a black art.

Effective link building is not about sending automated emails to hundreds or thousands of web masters. And it is not simply about PageRank scores. An effective link building strategy involves creating effective “link bait”, identifying potential partners including charities that you can sponsor, looking at ways to leverage your affiliates potentially, developing a blog strategy and, at a minimum, building relationships with bloggers, reverse engineering your competitors, back links scouring for opportunities, and much more.

There is a process. There are helpful tools. But it is an art as well as a science. The deliverables that you will receive from Netconcepts when you engage us in link building include competitive analysis, suggested link building strategies, brainstorming sessions on potential link bait ideas, and a spreadsheet with a representative sampling of link opportunities. We also suggest tactics for online PR campaigns, encompassing blogs, podcasts, articles, media releases, content distribution, newswire distribution, online events and tagging.

We provide training sessions for your marketing team on link building that include tools to use, tactics, strategies for sponsorships, link ads, syndication opportunities and so forth.

Interested in our link building services? A great starting point is to fill out this form and you will receive a free “mini” report and an opportuity to discuss your individual needs with us in greater detail.