SEO Audits

Our SEO audits are some of the most comprehensive in the industry. A report can number as many as 100 pages, covering areas such as current visibility (including link popularity/PageRank, pages indexed and keyword visibility), keyword choices, home page, page titles, URLs, linking and navigation, site structure, secondary page structure, headings, body text, meta description and more.

The document is sectioned off with a prioritized action plan, also taking into account the difficulty in implementing company specific constraints, the potential benefit to be gained, and the amount of room for improvement. This then serves as the road map for implementing the SEO initiative.

Audit clients include a major search engine, which we are not allowed to name, Verizon, REI, American Girl (a division of Mattel) and numerous others. The advice given in the audits is actionable, specific, ethical and beneficial. SEO audits may also include optional mock-ups illustrating how we believe the recommendations are best implemented.

Contact us today if you would like some free sample pages of an actual Audit to get an idea of the depth and quality of our work.