Website Audits

You Know Your Web Site Needs To Improve…

But you’re missing the critical answers you need:

  • Why aren’t more people visiting our website?
  • What causes them to leave and not transact?
  • How can the site enhance customer relationships?
  • When will we make (and save) more money online?
  • Where are competitors eating our lunch?
  • Who can we turn to for unbiased answers?

Founded by trusted experts like Jim Sterne and Stephan Spencer, Audit It can provide you with the jargon-free, vendor-neutral answers you need. More than mere usability tests, Audit It evaluates your complete online presence for opportunities to improve:

  • Traffic Quality & Quantity
  • Stickiness & Repeat Visitors
  • Performance & Usage
  • Competitive Online Edge
  • Registration & Conversion Rates
  • Customer Service & Loyalty
  • Liability & Security Protection
  • Overall Bottom Line Impact

How do you make your website more effective?

Netconcepts’ website audit service offers the insight you need to improve the return on your e-business investment.

Netconcepts’ website audit reports provide you with a comprehensive website assessment by experts, offering practical and actionable recommendations for improvements.

Anyone running a website should be asking questions about its effectiveness. But it’s not always easy to find answers. You’re too close to your website to see it through its audience’s eyes… That’s where Netconcepts’ experience simplifies things for you.

We assess all aspects of your website from your audience’s point of view. Years of e-business experience and a comprehensive understanding of e-business realities inform our perspective… and your website optimization report.

A simple website audit process:

  1. We assess your website’s objectives and intended audience.
  2. Posing as prospective and current customers, we interact with it.
  3. Systematically through 16 critical site components, we identify your site’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  4. We create a detailed report showing where the site falls short of best practice and provide jargon-free and actionable site optimization recommendations.
  5. You implement the changes and watch your results improve.

The report is a benchmark for future success and prioritised plan of action. You’ll learn:

  • What changes to make
  • Why you need to make them
  • How to make them
  • When to make them
  • And Whose help you need*

(*Netconcepts’ website audit service operates independently of our own web design and development services.)

Internal assessments don’t offer an unobstructed view of your website’s effectiveness. And most external perspectives, and third party assessments, are limited to particular aspects of your site – code, download speed, links, etc.

Netconcepts website audits give you an independent assessment of all aspects of your website and show you how to make it more effective.

Our website optimization and audit service has helped:

  • Infospace Inc.
  • The Sharper Image
  • Mathworks
  • Target
  • WE Energies (Wisconsin Electric)
  • TDS Telecom
  • Midwest Express Airlines
  • OshKosh B’Gosh
  • The American Marketing Association
  • WellPoint
  • Steve Spangler Science
  • And Wella, among others

Talk to us about improving returns on your e-business investment with a website audit.

Midwest Express Airlines Wella TDS Telecom

Infospace SteveSpangler We Energies
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