QuantumFeed is more than just an RSS feed delivery solution that offers the standard fare of tracking — clickthroughs, opens and subscribers.

Whereas other RSS feed services need a file to begin with, Quantum Feed can pull information from existing blog databases, product databases, customer databases, order databases and more, slicing and dicing those data sources to perform really interesting things. In other words, it’s a totally integrated service that has the ability to marry up product data such as new products, best sellers and clearance items with a customer’s stated interests and order history.

QuantumFeed can match blog content with product content, merge it and deliver it via RSS. Besides being able to communicate with your customers and website visitors, Quantum Feed can also be used to submit data to you as the website owner. Instead of having to log into the administrative interface on your ecommerce site to see what is happening, you could pull in your online store’s vital statistics and keep abreast with what is happening on your ecommerce site through your RSS newsreader program. Imagine being kept in the loop on what products are selling out, what’s hot and what is not, attempted fraudulent transactions, and large orders.

QuantumFeed can be easily integrated with our GravityMail email marketing solution as well.

Remember RSS is a channel, not just to your customers, but to other website owners and bloggers who could conceivably syndicate your RSS content on their websites and blogs. The PR potential here is huge so far as garnering press mentions and links on the web too.

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