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Doing Business in a Foreign Country Without a Local Guide?

Do you know all you need to know about doing business online?The secret to success in any business environment is knowing that environment…

We’ve been helping people like you seize e-business opportunities for nine years. We know the Web because it’s where we live and work. We’re locals.

Make the most of the Web with the insight you need into relevant e-business opportunities.

  • We’ll not only tell you what sort of website you need – content strategy, information architecture, database design, etc.
  • We’ll tell you whether your e-business ideas are sound and help you refine them – e-business strategy, client’s competitive challenges, the broader ebusiness environment, industry trends, etc.
  • And we’ll tell you the most efficient and cost effective ways to achieve your e-business goals – search engine optimization and marketing, promotional strategies, link building strategy, viral marketing and email marketing, etc.

Tested, Practical and Actionable Advice

We pride ourselves on offering tested, practical and practicable advice. Our e-business consulting service is not based on theory. It’s based on our hands-on experience of facing the e-business challenges you face.

  • E-business Strategy
  • Website Marketing
  • Content & Functionality Planning
  • Database Planning & Design
  • Website Traffic Analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • and Email Marketing

Unlike some consultants, we’re not interested in blinding you with management science and dazzling you with pretty reports.
You won’t get jargon, spin or hyperbole from us. We’ll tell you how we see things in plain language. And we won’t be afraid to point out the weaknesses in your tactics or strategy.

Netconcepts consults on e-business challenges for clients such as:

  • Birds Eye
  • Gorton’s Seafood
  • Cabela’s
  • GiftCertificates.com
  • Seton
  • Midwest Airlines and others.

Want an expert local guide to help you find the path to maximum e-business returns? Netconcepts can help.

Talk to us about how to improve your e-business returns with our e-business consulting services.

Gortons Fresh Seafood Birds Eye Cabelas
Gift Certificates Seton midwest