Content Development

Is Your Website Content Working For You?

“Content is king.” You may remember this simple sentence from just about every article you read about e-business in the halcyon days before reality hit virtual business…

Thing is: it’s still true… without the right website content you won’t convert visitors into customers.

Attention? Interest? Desire? Action? Is your website content doing its job?

Remember, it’s not just the design environment you say it in. It’s how you say it and what you have to say. Words are often the difference between a click into the site and a click on the back button or a closed window. The difference between an “I might just look at another site,” and a “sounds good I’ll get it here”.

So, unlike many web service providers, Netconcepts has writers on staff. Our content developers help our clients get their messages across online.

Optimizing Your Website Content

Words matter. And how you structure your website content matters. And adapting your sales pitch to the unique Internet environment matters. And how your site “talks” (style & personality) matters…

  • “Scannability”?
  • Your content might read well. It might get your point across in words that combine flow and momentum with an irresistible sales proposition. But can a scanning, time-poor, prospect “see what you are saying”?

  • Structure? Your site might have all the content you need. But, is the structure (jargon: information architecture) logical, cohesive, and understandable for people?
  • Usability? Your site might offer all sorts of great functionality and content. It might introduce that content well. But are you showing people where to go with clear instructions and offering intuitive navigation?
  • Timeliness? Your site might boast relevant and informative content. But have you got the resources to update it regularly?
  • Personality? Your site might introduce and describe all its content or products in telling detail. But are you squandering all the good work because your content lacks trust-engendering personality?
  • Search Engine Friendliness? Your site might have great content that you know people like. It might describe you products in a way that makes sales. But do prospects know your site exists? Is your content keyword savvy and search engine friendly?

Content! – Creating good copy that search engines will love.

The principles that govern good content apply not only to the user but also to search engines. Obviously a site with no text and all graphics does not provide any useable data for the search engines to understand, so the more relevant text you have, and the more easily it is found by the search engines the higher the page will appear in search results.

Very few sites get the words right. Netconcepts can help you with what you say, how you say it, who says it and when and where they say it.

Talk to us about how to improve your e-business returns by improving your website content.