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What does Netconcepts Know That Other Website Developers Don’t?

Netconcepts is a little different from our competitors. As a full service e-business solution provider and e-business consultancy, we want to do more than just build you a website to your specifications…

We want to stimulate and challenge your thinking. We want to put unrivalled e-business design, development and marketing experience to work for you… We want to build you the website you need.

We won’t just sell you a website. We’ll offer you a mutually beneficial partnership. We’ll look at the larger picture and the longer term, exploring all Web technology possibilities and e-marketing opportunities open to you.

Our sites reflect best practice in Web development offering:

  • Appropriate and compelling graphic elements optimised for site responsiveness (download speed) and consistent with existing brand imagery;
  • A home page designed to engage visitors, introduce and promote the brand and sales proposition, show content and offer clear pathways to deeper site content;
  • Frame free structure;
  • Search engine optimal design and content;
  • Design focussed on usability and audience response;
  • Full-text search with search term logging and spelling correction.
  • Browser-specific Cascading Style Sheets and Server-Side Include files to provide consistency throughout the site and allow for easier site maintenance
  • Required legal content such as copyright notices, privacy and legal policy notices etc;
  • A comprehensive list of features and functionality, including user-friendly admin functionality for ease of maintenance
  • Data security for clients and their customer information
  • Compatibility with our gravityCenter solutions;

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