When Natural Search Isn’t Enough

Our Take On Pay-Per-Click

As leaders in natural search marketing, you may be surprised that Netconcepts also believes in establishing a strong paid search program to complement your natural search strategy. While a solid natural search optimization strategy remains the foundation of any website, there is also a place for paid search in your overall online marketing strategy to:

  • Build visibility for newer sites
  • Target the most specific keywords
  • Provide flexibility for short term campaigns
  • Test new keywords, with a view to optimizing the site

The combined efforts of natural and paid search can also result in higher brand awareness. Studies have shown there is a 16% increase in brand recognition when a user is exposed to both the top organic result and top paid search result for the same company. (Source: Enquiro Search Solutions – July 2007).

Additionally, tests have shown a higher click-through rate on organic listings when a company achieves the top spots in both natural and paid search. Incorporating a paid search strategy with your natural search efforts is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new visitors to your website. Some key differentiators and benefits of a paid search strategy include:

  • Set-up time: paid search can be set-up to work effectively within a few days, with the potential to see immediate results. This is perfect for new sites that may be stuck in the Google sandbox.
  • Flexibility and control: At any given time, your campaign can be edited and revised for content and budget settings to see updates within minutes. This allows for immediate changes to ads and keywords to ensure a positive ROI and competitive edge.
  • Geographical targeting: Your ads can be targeted to display only to users located in cities, states or countries specified in the campaign.
  • Risk: The effectiveness of a paid search campaign can be assessed as money is invested, meaning that, if monitored closely, there is very little risk involved.

Determining your Budget

Since budget plays a role every campaign, you should plan your media spend with the goals and objectives of a business need in mind, i.e. increased sales, brand awareness, and/or traffic. Before jumping into a paid search campaign, a detailed analysis of your website should be completed to understand where your strong points and weaknesses exist. In addition, keyword research and competitive research should be conducted to gain an understanding of your industry’s paid search competitive landscape and average cost-per-click for your key terms. These factors combined will help to establish an initial paid search budget in line with your goals and objectives.


While paid search can give you instant traffic, researching the best options is critical to reduce the risk of quickly spending your marketing budget on unproductive terms. Paid search is a science and requires a solid strategy for ads, keyword selection, target segmentation and landing page conversion. To fully optimize a campaign you should consistently monitor and tweak keyword lists, ad copy, landing pages, and bid strategies. To maximize ROI, you can’t rely on set-and-forget software programs.

Tracking is Critical

Paid search provides unmatched flexibility and control over campaign management, and affords real-time tracking of successes to allow you to expand on winning strategies while constantly testing new ones. This ensures your budget is only spent on the most profitable keywords that are attracting the most valuable traffic.

Based on trends and data gathered from your campaign, you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign and make changes as needed to maximize ROI and work towards meeting pre-set performance and revenue goals. To take advantages of these features, proper tracking and monitoring needs to be in place or you risk losing a lot of money quickly.

Getting Started

Paid search programs require daily monitoring, expertise and experience. Let us do the work for you; from the initial analysis, research and campaign creation through ongoing management and monthly reporting. Why Netconcepts?

  • Our Experience: We have focused on natural search and search engine marketing since the beginnings of the commercial Internet. We will apply this combined expertise to maximize your return on investment.
  • Values and Work Ethic: Netconcepts is driven by corporate values that include continuous improvement and a focus on ethics in everything we do.
  • This is all we do!: You will receive the best minds applying industry best practices to achieve success.

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Our paid search marketing program includes comprehensive management of your site’s targeted keywords, page themes, quality score, and other ad-quality criteria for online marketing success. After performing an in-depth analysis of key elements such as:

  • Product themed research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Cost per transaction
  • Contextual and placement targeting
  • Phrase, exact, and negative match combinations

Netconcepts will assess, prioritize, and document specific strategies for improvement. We provide you with a prioritized action plan detailing best practice strategies to improve your online position, and explain the measures needed to start driving the most qualified prospects to your site.

Contact Netconcepts to learn more about our approach to paid search marketing management today. It’s likely to be the best investment you make all year.

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