Businesses move into blogosphere

May 27th, 2005

Originally published in New Zealand Herald

The popularity of blogging has come to the attention of the corporates. Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts has a blog and he also contributes to several others, and he’s helped many other companies set up one too. But he warns that company blogs shouldn’t read as if they have come out of the PR department. They need to be transparent and written by a real person.

Mr Spencer says the best blogs are those that develop a loyal following and he cites several examples of companies that are doing this well. One of these is Microsoft’s Robert Scobel who has been given a “free hand” in what he reports about the company. Stephan Spencer says this puts him in a tricky position.

“He recognises that he’s playing with dynamite. He could say something that sets people or the media off, so he’s got to be careful with his blogging. But on the other hand he really can’t hold back too much because then he’s no longer being real.”