How Web 2.0 Affects SEO Strategy

May 23rd, 2007


Originally published in ClickZ

Patricia Fusco, lead strategist for Netconcepts, writes, “To succeed on the Web today, you must engage your visitors so they return repeatedly. Toward this end, some Web 2.0 platforms could be your site’s savior; others could be its online demise.”

In this cutting-edge article, Patricia discusses the ins and outs of Web 2.0 by challenging us to think about the effects of AJAX, widgets, podcasts, and video, along with programming elements like JavaScript and Flash, on the search engines. Her message is a strong one, and allows us to think about balancing Web 2.0 and what’s good for search.

Read the article here, to help you determine how to blend what’s best for your site with what’s best for search.