Is Your Retail Site Navigation Spamming Google?

If your retail website has deployed filter-based navigation system technology, you’re likely providing a much more useful experience to consumers, while spamming Google (and other engines) with duplicate content in the process. This duplicate content causes significant problems for your website and has a negative effect on your site’s visibility, and therefore your search engine sales potential. Google has publicly recognized this issue and urged retailers to fix the problem or face continued search result ranking challenges. In short, this issue is likely costing you millions in missed sales every month.

To help you understand whether your retail website is suffering from faceted navigation spam, Netconcepts is now offering a limited-time Faceted Navigation Analysis, conducted by our search experts, to qualified site owners free of charge. The executive-style analysis will:

  • Diagnose whether your navigation is inadvertently spamming Google
  • Quantify the order of magnitude and impact areas including PageRank dilution
  • Estimate your resulting lost revenue to help you take concise action

Your analysis will include a brief executive report on Google duplication across representative category-, subcategory-, and product-level pages of your website, as well as business analysis on lost revenue for those category/subcategory/product pages.

To receive your free Faceted Navigation Analysis in as little as 10 business days, just fill in your website profile below. We’ll contact you with qualification details and your free report.

Learn more about this complex issue in our article titled Faceted Navigation: The New Search Engine Spam in the February issue of Multichannel Merchant magazine.


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