Content Optimization

February 27th, 2008


Originally published in ClickZ

In this in-depth article about content optimization on ClickZ, Netconcepts Director of Natural Search Consulting PJ Fusco, digs deep into this essential part of SEO.

Content optimization is about prominently incorporating targeted keywords and keyword phrases into the copy on each page to appeal to prospects searching for your goods and services. Doing so ensures your content has a chance to be found for all the right words. Ideally, these are highly searched terms and phrases that convert. That’s where keyword research comes into play when optimizing your site’s content.

Before you dig into keyword research to determine how well targeted your content is and what the size of your keyword market is, there are a few basic skills to add to your repertoire. Fundamental content optimization skills include:

* How to compile keyword research.

* How to measure content optimization efforts.

* Some basic copywriting knowledge.

* Basic HTML coding and basic SEO knowledge.

* A commitment to optimizing content — efforts will pay off!

For more about content optimization, read the full article at ClickZ here.


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  3. Triple H says:

    From the article:

    “Two of the most important written elements of content optimization include the title tag and the H1 heading…”

    One thing a few people don’t know is that some WYSIWYG editor don’t use the H1 tag at all and instead just increase the size of the text to LOOK like a header. Don’t fall victim to this! Always add H1 in your pages, even if you have to do it manually.

  4. by Triple H — December 4, 2008 @ 12:49 pm