Natural selection makes for online success: Sites need to be optimised for search engines, net firm head says

May 22nd, 2006

Originally published in Computerworld

If your company is in the top of Google’s natural unpaid results itâ??s almost as if Google is giving it the thumbs up, saying that you are a good, reputable business. If you are not there, particularly for keywords you should be there for, itâ??s a worry — not just to you but to your customers.

In an interview with Computerworld Netconcepts founder and president Stephan Spencer says:

“Businesses today are more focused on the paid search side than the natural search side because the formerâ??s results are easier to predict and measure.

“But you donâ??t get the implied endorsement effect from buying keywords,” he says. “Eye-tracking studies have shown that the eyeballs donâ??t gravitate over towards the right hand side [where paid results are listed].”

There are a number of things a company can do to increase its page ranking on search engines like Google or Yahoo.