Newspapers Search for Web Headline Magic

February 2nd, 2007


Originally published in CNET News

Elinor Mills, author for CNET discusses the effect of SEO on newspapers and the websites those newspapers maintain. It may not be a new concept to us but those folks working with the print medium have not had to worry about SEO, until now.

Headlines are a primary focus for print marketers. “Good” headlines can catch the readerĂ¢??s attention and pull them into the article. However, “good” happens to be in the eye of the beholder. Clever and witty headlines may catch readerĂ¢??s attention but search engines are not so easily persuaded.

In this article, Netconcepts Founder and President, Stephan Spencer, is sought out for his SEO and content optimization expertise. “The headline itself doesn’t necessarily have to be modified if you know how SEO works,” stated Spencer.

Read this entire article and learn how to find your happy medium between catchy and functional copywriting.