The Dirty Dozen

September 1st, 1999

Originally published in CIO WebBusiness

It was more than the slippery chicken and limp asparagus that produced a bad case of heartburn for a group of company site managers, web developers and consultants over the conference lunch. They all related their pet peeves about company websites to Scott Kirsner for CIO.

Stephan Spencer, President of Netconcepts says he gets frustrated when he encounters sites that sport navigation menus with more than 10 items or pages that offer more than two navigation menus. “If you have a menu on the left, a menu on the right and a menu on the top,” he says, “you haven’t thought through your design issues well enough.”

“If your site contains too many of these pet peeves, the end result is a bad taste in the user’s mouth. Users won’t come back, and even worse, they’ll probably tell some friends how bad your site is. It has an exponential effect.”