Chain Store Age Features Cabelas SEO Success

August 5th, 2008


Originally published in Chain Store Age

A recent article in Chain Store Age focuses on the impact GravityStream SEO technology by Netconcepts has had on the Cabela’s website. Multi-Channel retailer Cabela’s ecommerce website ranks highly in search engines with an optimized version of their website running GravityStream technology. This technology automates optimization so that search engine spiders can read and understand the content of the Cabela’s site. One of the benefits of this scalable technology is shorter URLs which are search engine friendly. The optimized site is in sync with the native site, which was not the case with other SEO efforts Cabela’s had tried in the past. The GravityStream solution is particularly effective for non-branded items, also called Long Tail terms. The SEO version of the site has paid off, and in 2007 alone, Cabela’s saw a 140% increase in visits and a 70% jump in sales.