Netconcepts Reports 34% Year-over-Year Increase in Retail Natural Search Sales for Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Netconcepts Reports 34% Year-over-Year Increase in Retail Natural Search Sales for Black Friday through Cyber Monday

December 2nd, 2009

MADISON, WI â?? December 2, 2009 â?? When consumers went looking for their holiday bargains this year, more than ever before turned to online search engines rather than standing in lines.

Netconcepts, a leader in natural search marketing conducted a study across a sampling of its online retail clients. These retailers averaged an increase of 34% in revenue from natural search over the same time period last year.

The study by found that Black Friday through Cyber Monday natural search trends were much higher for companies using best practices for natural search optimization. Their study included research from major online retail search clients using Netconceptsâ?? patent-pending automated natural search marketing technology, GravityStreamTM.

â??Our study shows that natural search is significantly outperforming the year over year retail growth numbers being reported for the 2009 holiday kickoff weekend,â? said Brian Klais, Executive Vice President of Search for Netconcepts. â??Sites optimized for natural search get their shoppers directly to the products they are seeking. Conversion rates for these shoppers are substantially higher as well,â? said Klais.

Netconceptsâ?? research further shows that Cyber Monday is not a one day phenomenon. Studies from recent years show that every Monday between Thanksgiving and Christmas continues to increase in traffic as the holiday grows nearer. Peak traffic occurs mid day in each time zone, indicating that most consumers are shopping and buying during their lunch hours.

Netconcepts, the leading provider of natural search marketing, offers automated natural search technology and value added services tailored to help retailers drive online sales. For the largest retail brands, Netconceptsâ?? GravityStream solution is an award winning, patent pending SaaS technology that powers the natural search channel. Netconcepts serves retail brands such as Cabelaâ??s, Northern Tool, Ann Taylor, Campmor, Woolrich, and Builderâ??s Square, among many others. Founded in 1995, Netconcepts is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Auckland, New Zealand and Beijing, China.

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August 31st, 2009

Netconcepts will be well represented at this year’s annual summit in Las Vegas, September 21-23. These are very informative sessions you should attend:

Stephan Spencer will be moderating “Extreme Makeover – SEO Edition,” where several websites will be deconstructed, then reconstructed with functional mockups using improved optimization.

Brian Klais
will participate in the panel discussion “40+ Specific Things You Can Do to Make More Money Next Week” showcasing tips that will have an immediate affect on your bottom line.

To make an appointment to talk with Netconcepts at, please complete the contact us form and let us know how to reach you at the show.

News Release: Netconcepts leaders speaking at Shop.orgâ??s Annual Summit

September 16th, 2008

Madison, WI and Las Vegasâ?? September 16, 2008 â?? Netconcepts, the leader in natural search marketing, today announced company President Stephan Spencer and Vice President of Search Brian Klais are scheduled to speak at Shop.orgâ??s Annual Summit in Las Vegas., a division of the National Retail Federation, is the world’s leading membership community for digital retail companies. The Summit is featuring educational sessions and keynotes from retail leaders, September 15 â?? 17.

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News Release: Netconcepts and DoubleClick Performics Extend Partnership

June 4th, 2008

MADISON, WI â?? June 4, 2008â??DoubleClick Performics and Netconcepts, the leader in natural search marketing, today announced that the two companies are renewing their several year partnership, which enables DoubleClick Performicsâ?? clients to quickly transform their dynamic, e-commerce sites into natural search friendly pages. Studies indicate most online shoppers prefer searching for generic items over brand names. These enhanced natural search capabilities are of benefit to both retailers and the customers they serve.

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News Release: Thompson Group Selects Netconcepts

May 19th, 2008

Madison, WI â?? May 19, 2008 â?? Netconcepts, the leader in natural search marketing, today announced the Thompson Group has selected its GravityStream 2.0 solution, the industryâ??s first automated natural search platform, to help expand the online presence and sales of its Thompson Cigar property. Thompson Group is a consumer direct catalog company with three e-commerce sites including Thompson Cigar, Casual Living and linensource.

â??We had outgrown our existing platform, and began a search for a natural search solution that would not only help with our companyâ??s online growth, but would also scale as our company grew,â?? said Thompson Groupâ??s Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Cobden. â??We chose GravityStream 2.0 for its ease of implementation and ability to integrate effortlessly with our own analytics system, allowing us much needed visibility into sales associated with natural search. Itâ??s critical to be able to calculate ROI associated with an important project such as natural search.â??

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News Release: Netconcepts Retained By Online Shoes

April 10th, 2008

Madison, WI â?? April 10, 2008 â?? Netconcepts, the leader in natural search marketing, today announced that has retained Netconcepts’ natural search consulting practice. The companyâ??s search consulting team is expert in the latest techniques of natural search optimization and online marketing that improve the effectiveness of the natural search channel. is the nationâ??s first online shoe retailer carrying footwear for men, women and children in more than 33,000 styles and across 200 premium brands. The company is listed as #129 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide in 2007.

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News Release: Netconcepts Introduces GravityStream 2.0

February 11th, 2008

Netconcepts, the premiere search engine marketing firm that serves top 200 Internet retailers in better managing their natural search channel, today announced the launch of GravityStream 2.0 ( â?? a powerful enterprise level automated natural search advertising platform for online retailers.

GravityStream 2.0 automatically converts a retailerâ??s millions of website pages into optimized landing pages to match its branded products with a consumerâ??s generic queries. Since consumers conduct approximately 40 times more niche searches than branded ones, this capability gives retailers a major competitive advantage in answering generic searches with their own website landing page results. GravityStream technology delivers â??the long tailâ?? â?? or the approximately 80% of a retailerâ??s website that traditionally has been unsearchable. Marketers consider â??the long tailâ?? to be the Holy Grail of web marketing because it typically equates to 60% of new-to-file customers.

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News Release: Fran Nahabedian Joins Netconcepts

August 16th, 2007

Netconcepts, the premier natural search firm enabling a leading tier of the top 200 Internet Retailers to â??get foundâ?? online, is proud to welcome new team member, E-Business Account Director Fran Nahabedian to its Madison, WI office.

Nahabedianâ??s role with Netconcepts will be focused on driving the success of their E-Business client base. In so doing, she will be shaping the future development of Netconceptsâ?? customizable ecommerce solution, GravityMarketâ?¢.

GravityMarket, a powerful online retail management platform, is designed to provide retail owners a competitive edge as they grow their online business. Its features, such as a streamlined checkout process, has already helped firms such as billiards retailer PoolDawg increase their online sales exponentially.

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News Release: Todd LaBeau Joins Netconcepts

May 9th, 2007

Netconcepts, the premier natural search firm enabling a leading tier of the top 200 Internet Retailers to â??get foundâ?? online, is proud to welcome new team member, Senior Technical Analyst Todd LaBeau to its Madison, WI office.

LaBeau will begin immediately shaping Netconcepts future as part of its GravityStreamâ?¢ team. GravityStream, a performance-based SEO management platform, is currently helping companies like Cabelaâ??s to increase online revenue as a direct result of attaining Page 1 Google rankings for unique, yet highly-competitive search terms.

As a seasoned web-development veteran, LaBeau has perfected the art of implementation and analysis of a variety of website technical and structural issues.

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News Release: Chris Smith Joins Netconcepts

May 9th, 2007

Netconcepts, a natural search firm with offices in Madison, WI & Auckland, New Zealand is proud to welcome new team member, Lead Search Strategist Chris â??Silverâ?? Smith to its Madison, WI office.

Smith will be working primarily on support and development of Netconcepts GravityStreamâ?¢ product, a performance based SEO management platform that is currently helping companies like Cabelaâ??s with non-optimal, dynamic sites to optimize nearly overnight.

An organic search engine optimization pioneer, Smith previously served as Manager of Administration of Texas A&M Universityâ??s Cartographic Service Unit, where he assisted with portions of the universityâ??s earliest website presence.

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