Search Engine Optimization & Marketing – an AMA Training Series

February 23rd-24th (Las Vegas), March 10th-11th (Chicago), April 21st-22nd (Washington DC)

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Search engine optimization (“SEO”) has evolved immensely over the past several years. Are you and your organization keeping up? More importantly, have you fully exhausted the potential that SEO provides? If not, this two-day intensive training is for you. Expert practitioner Stephan Spencer will share the secrets of the SEO: what works and what doesn’t; what you should be measuring; what tools to use; where trouble looms and untapped potential lies; where search engines and the industry are headed, and much more.

Join us for a hands-on, two day workshop on search engine optimization and marketing that covers all the bases. With a live Internet connection, attendee websites will be deconstructed – with attendees playing an active role in diagnosing what ails each site from an SEO standpoint. Such sticky issues as making your database-driven website “search engine friendly” and workarounds for “spider traps” and poor search engine practices will be tackled. Googleâ??s secrets will be revealed, including details around PageRank, blended results (“universal search”), indented listings, sitelinks, and more. Case examples from B2C, B2B, nonprofit and higher education will be shared, including the “inside scoop” on what worked and what didn’t.

You will walk away with loads of practical, actionable tactics and tips, a number of which are not widely known in the SEO community. For example:
â?¢ Minimize duplicate content and keep your site from getting hit by Google’s duplicate content filter
â?¢ Identify, in unconventional ways, high PageRank-endowed, industry-specific, authoritative links that will
increase your position in the search results
â?¢ “Take away” a competitor’s second indented listing
â?¢ Reverse engineer your competitors’ backlinks to look for link opportunities for yourself

This workshop is designed with non-technical marketers in mind. But even the Internet-savvy techie will get a lot out of this tailored, intensive workshop. Through interactive presentations and exercises, case examples, and best-practice implementation reviews, participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how they can profit from search engines as a marketing channel. First five paid registrants for each venue who submit their URL (or a competitor’s URL if they prefer) will get an interactive, real-time critique of the site’s search engine findability during the workshop.

â?¢ The changing landscape of SEO and how you can make the most of it as a marketer
â?¢ How to rocket past competitors in search rankings
â?¢ How to benchmark against your competitors
â?¢ What to measure for maximizing the return on your search marketing investment
â?¢ How to budget interactive marketing campaigns to include SEO
â?¢ How to effectively leverage content, online tools, social networks and social

â?¢ Anatomy of a Search Engine — Spiders, Indices & Algorithms, Market Share & Trends
â?¢ Inside the Head of the Searcher — Searcher Behavior & Intent
â?¢ Hands-on Keyword Research & Keyword Portfolio Management
â?¢ SEO Copywriting — Optimizing Your Content
â?¢ HTML Optimization — Make Your HTML “Sing”
â?¢ Search Friendly Site Architecture, Design, Navigation & Internal Hierarchical Linking Structures
â?¢ Technical Optimization — URLs, Redirects, Tracking Parameters, Flash, JavaScript/AJAX and more
â?¢ Link Building — Tools & Tactics for Acquiring Valuable, Relevant Links Sustainably
â?¢ Social Media Marketing â?? Leveraging Online Communities to Create Links & Buzz

â?¢ Paid Search Fundamentals & Achieving Synergies with SEO
â?¢ Search Analytics — Metrics that Drive ROI
â?¢ Tools of the Trade — The Essential Tools & Resources for your SEO & Paid Search Toolkit
â?¢ Vertical Search — Local Search, News Search, Product Search, Image Search, Video Search, Blog Search, Mobile Search
â?¢ Worst Practices — Beyond the “Best Practices” to the Dark Side of “Black Hat” Spam & Other Deadly Mistakes
â?¢ Site Clinic & Interactive Site Reviews — Apply Your Knowledge by Auditing Fellow Attendees’ Websites
â?¢ Taking It Back to the Job, Homework, Wrap-Up and Review


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