Website Emergency: Search and Conversion Problems Solved!

October 22nd, 2008


Join us for this educational and entertaining session lead by Stephan Spencer, Founder & President of Netconcepts and Amy Africa, President and Chief Imagina-8-tion Officer of Eight By Eight where they will offer live, impromptu critiques of B2B and B2C websites of audience members. Stephan and Amy love to play the critic (think: the Muppet judges, those old cads in the balcony), but we promise they’ll play nice. Ok, we can’t actually promise that, but they said they’d be gentle. Youâ??ll see and hear how you and your colleagues’ sites rank in terms of their ability to garner search traffic and ultimately convert visitors to sales. Youâ??ll walk away with valuable lessons learned from what these sites do well and where they need improvementâ??in the areas of SEO, conversion and usability.

If you want to have your URL considered to be one of the sites reviewed in front of the audience, please email Weâ??ll let you know in September if your site has been chosen.

Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts
Amy Africa, President and Chief Imagina-8-tion Officer, Eight by Eight