Blog Monetization: From Soup to Nuts

October 13th, 2008

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Get the nuts-and-bolts of how to turn a blog into a “profit center” – generating wildly positive ROI by making sales, attracting leads, and generating ad and affiliate revenue. Our panel of expert money-making bloggers will share step-by-step advice, most profitable tricks of the trade, pitfalls, hazards, resources required.


  • Learn how to diversify and supercharge your blog’s revenue streams
  • Leverage others’ blogs for your own gain
  • Maximize your blog’s search visibility and traffic

Stephan Spencer, President, Netconcepts

Jeremy Schoemaker, Founder, ShoeMoney Media
Duane Forrester, Senior Program Manager (SEO), Microsoft, and author of How to Make Money with Your Blog
Steve Spangler, CEO, Steve Spangler Science
Chloe Spencer, Blogger, Neopets