Essential KPIs for Search Engine Optimization

May 6th, 2008

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There are basic SEO metrics that will help with the “blocking and tackling” รข?? things like keyword popularity, indexation, link popularity, PageRank scores, rankings, top-referring keywords, etc. There are also the red herrings, like keyword density and KEI scores, that are only distractions. But most importantly, there are a whole new class of SEO metrics that are largely undiscovered by folks in SEO and analytics alike, that are essential in order to fully capitalize on the “Long Tail” of SEO. These Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Brand-to-nonbrand Ratio — percentage of your natural search traffic that comes from brand keywords versus nonbrand keywords
  • Unique Pages — number of unique (non-duplicate) web pages crawled by search engine spiders
  • Page Yield — percentage of unique pages that yield search-delivered traffic in a given month
  • Keyword Yield — average number of keywords each page (minus the freeloaders) yields in a given month
  • Visitors per Keyword — ratio of search engine delivered visitors to search terms
  • Index-to-crawl Ratio — ratio of pages indexed to unique crawled pages
  • Engine Yield — the amount of traffic a search engine delivers for every page it crawls

Brian Klais, Netconcepts
Richard Zwicky, Enquisite