Interactive Marketing

October 17th, 2006

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Technology is driving a new marketing paradigm. Will you be ready?

In the last decade, technology has fundamentally changed the way companies and customers communicate and interact with one another. Consumers have 24/7 access to almost limitless information and can easily investigate a global network of options. And companies can readily tap into an amazing breadth and depth of information about their customers and prospects.

But as many companies are learning, new information and resources don’t necessarily lead to more productive relationships or effective marketing solutions.

Overwhelmed by the variety of interactive marketing tools and data? We can help. With the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Interactive Marketing program.

During this intensive three-day seminar, our industry experts will teach you how to create an effective blend of online and offline marketing to reach your customers and increase sales and productivity.

Interactive Marketing will teach you to:

Optimize your online efforts
After more than a decade of online marketing, companies are still struggling to find the best ways to use the web to promote themselves and build relationships with their customers. Our proven, practical tips will help you to get higher search engine rankings, make your e-mails filter-friendly — yet compliant! — and deliver relevant customer-focused website content.

Integrate online and offline media for maximum ROI
Combine the science of direct marketing with the technology of new media and you’ll link the efficiencies of mass promotion with the immediacy of one-to-one. Learn why the seamless integration of sales, marketing and distribution functions is crucial, and how to strategically coordinate your on- and offline efforts.

Identify how an interactive media campaign can strenghten — or threaten — your brand
Infinite opportunities to reach your customers and prospects means an equally infinite number of opportunities to dilute or damage your brand. Learn how to create an appropriate balance between branding and demand creating to protect your long-term brand equity while driving curent sales.

Who should attend?

This course provides excellent insights for directors, managers and executives involved in:

  • Digital and Interactive Marketing
  • Marketing, Sales and Advertising
  • Communications
  • Business Development
  • New Media Planning
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Customer Acquisition/Retention
  • IT and website development

Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend this course:

5. There is no sales pitch for any product or service.
4. You will be provided with cross-functional perspectives on interactive marketing.
3. You will learn there is life after SPAM and CAN-SPAM.
2. Your customers will be happy with the web improvements you make.
1. The increased effectiveness of your integrated marketing campaign will make you a hero.