Getting Google to Love Your Website… Again

September 28th, 2006

Webcast by Stephan Spencer and Brian Klais

Times have changed over at the Googleplex. Over the past several years, those brilliant Googlers have made significant changes to the rankings and quality algorithms. They’ve launched dozens of new services, tools and websites. And they have evolved their business model. Their stock price is pays homage to that fact.

Have you been keeping up? Does Google still love your website as much as it did several years ago? Or has it found a new love?

Your site can get back in Google’s favor, once you understand what Google is looking for. Granted, much has changed in SEO, but still many of the tried-and-true SEO tactics still work. In fact, they work quite effectively. Some new tactics have emerged, like tactics for getting visibility in Google News. So have new hazards, due in large part to new, sophisticated types of search engine spam. Google, of course, has adapted their algorithms to compensate. Many sites have become unwitting victims of these Google algorithm shifts (e.g. the “Florida update,” the “Jagger update”, the “Google Sandbox”, etc.).

You will learn:

  • What Google is looking for from a website & what makes Google tick
  • The varying ways of getting visibility in Google (“one box” results, Google News, Froogle, Google Base, Google Blog Search, etc.)
  • How to ensure 100% of your site gets into Google’s index
  • How to design your pages to dominate rankings
  • How to optimize your page copy
  • How to track your results and ROI
  • Where Web 2.0 fits in with the new Google

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A.