Success with Email Marketing Campaigns: 10 Campaigns Critiqued for Best and Worst Practices

August 24th, 2006

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For many of you, your email campaign lost the race even before it got out of the gate. Spam filters and email firewalls silently and unceremoniously junk your emails. Research has shown that fully one-third of permission-based emails don’t get delivered.

Even if your message gets past the filters, it doesn’t mean your email will be opened. Your recipients are brutal when it comes to slashing through the commercial messages clogging their inboxes. A split second decision will decide your email’s fate, based squarely on your From line and Subject line, and to a smaller extent, what’s visible in the Preview pane. After navigating these deliverability and openability hazards, you still have to get the recipient to comprehend and act on your message. A pretty tall order nowadays.

This virtual seminar is going to get “hands on” with reviews of actual email campaigns submitted by seminar attendees. Not all will be chosen, so give yourself the best chance of having your campaign critiqued: submit your entry early. Stephan is one of the most popularly and highly acclaimed MarketingProfs seminar leaders.

If you’ve ever wondered what you were doing wrong with your email marketing, or wondered what you could be doing better, then this is the seminar for you.

You will learn:

  • How to write messages that are opened and read
  • How to create subject lines that are the best they can be
  • Best practices for your call-to-action and value proposition
  • How to balance text and images
  • When to use Text or HTML
  • Whether your email is compliant with CAN-SPAM legislation
  • Whether your messages will get past spam filters

The 90-minute seminar will include an extended Q&A.