Emerging Technologies: How Direct Marketers Can Capitalize on Innovations

October 18th, 2005

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Is something missing in your marketing mix? New channels are opening doors to the increasingly, tech-savvy consumer. RSS feeds and alerts, blogging, mobile communications and “mapping and monitoring” online conversations are among the newest marketing tools available.

  • Understanding these new channels
  • Leveraging them for customer retention and acquisition
  • Building rapport with bloggers, and promote your products and company in the blogosphere
  • Personalizing the content in the RSS Feed to each subscriber
  • Tracking readership and response
  • Advertising on blogs and within RSS feeds
  • Podcasting (think: on-demand Internet pirate radio)
  • Distribution channels (RSS search engines, directories, Web-based aggregators, RSS news reader software)
  • Not just for bloggers and news sites — e-tailers embrace RSS as a channel

Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts
Marc Tramonte, Director of Integrated Marketing, Microsoft Corporation

Royal Farros, Chairman and CEO, MessageCast
Gard Gibson, Account Group Director,VML Inc.
Mark Goldstein, CEO, Loyalty Lab Inc.
Mark Grindeland, Co-founder, m-Qube
Dana Vandenheuvel, Director of Business Development, Pheedo
Debbie Weil, President, WordBiz