Usable and Findable: Optimising Search Rankings and User Experience

September 27th, 2005

Seminar by

The marriage of search engine optimisation and usability can be a happy one. Granted, just creating a successful user experience can be a challenge. But to also cater to the search engine’s algorithms concomitantly – this can seem downright daunting. Many companies, often inadvertently, choose one approach over the other. The goal, elusive as it may seem, is improved search engine rankings ALONG WITH greater accessibility and better overall usability. Get ready for a dose of insight, strategy, process, and well-considered opinion to cure what ails your site.

Join Stephan for an information-packed session covering:

  • Wordsmithing approaches
  • Benchmarking criteria
  • Contextual linking
  • Role of keyword analysis
  • Optimal site structure
  • Wielding the full power of CSS
  • Measuring Return On Investment
  • Best practices & worst practices
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