Audience Development and the Internet

February 8th, 2005


  1. The benefit of the internet to your circulation/audience development efforts, and how important it is to your company
  2. How to use email to renew or acquire new subscribers
  3. E-mail tests – what’s working, what’s not working
  4. Search engine marketing – what are you using and how is it working
  5. Banner ads – are they working, what have you changed, where do you have them
  6. How has can spam effected your subscription efforts? How has it effected your list rental activities? How has it effected your use of outside lists for subscription promotion?
  7. Web agents – are they still working?
  8. Blogs – are they a source of names? How can we get subscription information onto a blog?
  9. Email files – do you have separate files for circulation, web casts, eNL, or a combined database for all? Advantages and disadvantages for each.

Gloria Adams, Pennwell – Moderator
Laura Wilson, NEJM – Panelist
Sean Fulton, GCN Publishing – Panelist
Brian Klais, Netconcepts – Panelist