Email Marketing: Rising Above the Inbox Noise

March 17th, 2003

Seminar by Brian Klais and Stephan Spencer

Inboxes are quickly becoming a new wasteland, filled with unsolicited, impersonal, useless, and often offensive messages. As a result, consumers have had to find new ways of coping with the suspicious deluge. Alias addresses and spam filters have become standard defense-mechanisms, while the definition of spam has evolved beyond not having permission, to not delivering relevance.

Yet many marketers continue to treat email as a “cheap” contact strategy for chest pounding and mass promotions. Rather than building trust, this impersonal carpet-bomb approach erodes hard-earned trust by branding the company as a “spammer” more interested in economies of scale than deepening relationships.

So what does it take to compete – and win – in this hostile environment? Join Stephan Spencer, founder of Netconcepts (parent company of GravityMail) for an information packed presentation.

You’ll learn:

  • Relationship strategies to access the elusive “circle of trust”
  • Essential techniques of effective campaigns/newsletters
  • How Web usability and direct marketing principles combine
  • Metrics for gauging success
  • How to audit campaigns against best practices
  • Case study examples. Plus some real stinkers

Who should attend:
Marketing Executives and Directors, Internet Marketing Managers, and others interested in learning the essentials of successful email marketing.