Conversion Rate Marketing

November 6th, 2002

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How to Create Email Campaigns That Drive Action and Build Relationships
Learn how to develop objectives and strategies for implementing email communication campaigns that involve email newsletters and promotional emails.
Deliverable is a 2-3 month email campaign.

How to Decipher Your Web Trends to Maximize Results
Learn how to develop, track, maintain, analyze and utilize the large volumes of data available and turn that into useful information you can use to manage and optimize your business.
Deliverable is to develop historical data, current benchmarks and an understanding of what to measure, why to measure it and what it means.

Developing Strategic and Creative Methodologies For Increasing Results

Learn how to increase your conversion rate one step at a time. You goals are for prospects to make purchases, or subscribe, or register, or make referrals. Each of these goals is a “macro-action,” and you can measure its conversion rate. Every one of your macro-actions is composed of a series of smaller micro-actions.

Deliverable is to develop an efficient conversion system matching your selling process to your prospect’s buying decisions by dealing with real examples from your website.

Development Doesn’t Have to be Rocket Science
Learn how to communicate effectively with web developers about what your requirements are. Did you know that of all software development projects are failures? Did you know that 80% of development costs are incurred after the initial project is delivered?
Deliverable is to take your project from concept to wireframe, to storyboard to final prototype independent of what technology your company uses by effectively creating a prototype of an application you want to have developed.