Essential Ingredients for Web Site Redesign Success

October 23rd, 2002

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So you’ve decided your web site needs an overhaul. Before you start work, you and your web developers need to do a bit of planning. Going off re-building a web site half-cocked is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

From this seminar you’ll get an understanding of what should go into a Request For Proposal, a strategic brief, a creative brief, a technical specification, a content plan, an Internet marketing plan, and more. You’ll also garner practical tips to keep your web redesign project on time, within the specs, and under budget. And you’ll learn what you need to ask from your web agency to keep them on the straight and narrow, even if you’re not a “techie” or a “creative” but a mere mortal like the rest of us.

If you catch yourself saying any of the following statements to yourself or colleagues, then run — don’t walk — to this seminar!

  • Web design is just an extension of our current marketing collateral – we can reuse the text and graphics from our print pieces.
  • If more people work on it, we’ll get it done faster.
  • The Web is a place where you just try things and see what works – I have a friend who designs web sites in his spare time.
  • Documentation is a waste of time and effort
  • We can design the site ourselves and save money. We just want a group that will make the web pages we sketch out.
  • We’ll send out a Request For Proposal and get lots of good ideas back for free.
  • Web sites don’t need much maintenance. We can do it ourselves. It’ll be fun!