Does Your Web Site Make It Easy For Customers To Do Business With You?

February 12th, 2002

Seminar by

Through the Internet, your competition is just a click away from the customer. As a business executive, you need to assess whether it’s easier for customers to do business with you – or your competitors – online. The problem is, you may be too close to your site to most objectively analyze it.

You need practical recommendations that can help decrease abandonment rates while boosting traffic, leads, and online sales. By conducting an independent website evaluation, you can gain a fresh perspective and key insights for a competitive online advantage.

Brian will share his insights into what makes a website work. He’ll
explore website strengths, weaknesses, and best practices; touching on categories like usability, security, visibility, content, legal exposures, e-commerce, public relations, and customer service.

Bring your questions and a notepad for a timely and information-rich session.