How to Create Your Food Site for Maximum Online Effectiveness

July 28th, 2000

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Do you want your foodservice Web site to run at peak efficiency, dazzle customers, come up high in search engines, generate an adequate ROI, and not leave you exposed to unnecessary litigation? Step-by-step, you’ll learn what areas to watch in your Internet presence, including: legal & procedural, public relations, financial, performance & reliability, customer service, Internet marketing task force, technical user experience, accessibility, content, community, “findability”, e-commerce, privacy, and last but not least, security. This interactive workshop will give you hands-on experience with:

  • Where and how to begin he evaluation process
  • What to investigate on your site and how often
  • Tools and resources to use in creating a web site
  • Benefits of auditing, risks of not auditing
  • Turning measurements and recommendations into an Implementation Plan
  • Applying all these tools and principles to your specific needs