Profiling Your Customers Using The Internet

June 28th, 1999

Seminar by

The Web can be a powerful tool for collecting detailed, up-to-date profile information about your customers and potential customers. There are many creative ways to tap in to various primary and secondary research sources. Greg Stromberg and Stephan Spencer will discuss how INX International Ink Co.:

  • Leverages customers, customers’ sites, employees, research firms, and online knowledge bases
  • Compels users to profile themselves through online communities, personalization, and “yellow pages” directories
  • Expanded their profiling system into an extranet
  • Obtained, consolidated, and integrated multiple databases into their profiling system


Post Conference Workshop Wednesday, June 30, 1999:

How And Why To Audit Your Web Site
Are you absolutely sure that your Web site is running at peak efficiency, dazzling customers, coming up high in search engines, generating an adequate ROI, and not leaving you exposed to unnecessary litigation? Step-by-step, you’ll learn what areas to audit in your Internet presence, including: legal & procedural, public relations, financial, performance & reliability, customer service, Internet marketing task force, technical, user experience, accessibility, content, community, “findability”, e-commerce, privacy, security, and last but not least Y2K.

This interactive workshop will give you hands-on experience

  • Where and how to begin the evaluation process
  • What to audit and how often
  • Tools and resources to use in auditing
  • Benefits of auditing, risks of not auditing
  • Turning measurements and recommendations into an Implementation Plan
  • Applying all these tools and principles to your specific needs