“Work the Web” to Build Your Brand (post-conference workshop)

October 17th, 1998

Workshop by

Frustrated by all the less-than-innovative talk about how to build an Internet
presence “the right way”? Do you have a map for your Internet presence when
what you really need is a compass? Does your Internet presence need a “jump
start”? Then this in-depth, half-day workshop is for you! We will introduce
you to powerful and effective tips, tools, and techniques for planning and executing
an Internet presence.

Specifically you will learn:

  • “Insider” information about some major companies’ online successes and failures,
    and lessons learned
  • Unique cyberbranding strategies and tactics, applied to your individual
    needs and situation
  • Brainstorming techniques and hands-on exercises that will identify new
  • How to identify and benchmark (creatively imitate) innovative brand-building
    on the Web
  • How to incorporate important ideas from strategic planning, project management,
    one-to-one marketing, frequency marketing, and customer service into your
    cyberbranding efforts

Stephan Spencer, President of Internet Concepts LLC and
Arlene Susmilch Mayne, Executive Producer at Terabyte Interactive Ltd.