Using the Net for Competitive Intelligence

September 22nd, 1998

Seminar by

Knowing your competitors is as important as knowing your customers. And the Internet can be a powerful tool to obtain and disseminate late-breaking information about your competitor’s products, services, pricing, customers, marketing strategy, etc. Your company’s success depends on monitoring and searching your competitors’ knowledgebases, expanding your own knowledgebases on your competitors, and serving disinformation to them.

  • search engine of competitors’ sites on your intranet: collect and index the entire content of all your competitors’ sites and assemble it under one search engine
  • competitor profiles and news: build and maintain realtime-accessible data warehouses with information obtained from the media, research firms, your employees, and even your competitors
  • monitoring of competitors’ web sites with offline browsers: find out what’s new and changed on the competitor’s site before even their own employees do
  • counterintelligence on your web site: give your competitors the wrong information