How To Develop A Winning Internet Marketing Plan: A Step by Step Approach

April 25th, 1998

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This half-day workshop details how to prepare and use an Internet marketing plan. In essence, an Internet marketing plan is a systematic method for the effective and efficient management of change (effectiveness means doing the right things and efficiency means doing things right). At this workshop you’ll also learn the first concrete steps to take when starting your plan and how to sustain your momentum.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • What needs to go into your plan
  • Why your plan will have to be altered in light of new opportunities
  • How to benchmark (creatively imitate) how others have created their Internet marketing presence
  • How the Internet marketing plan forces identification of important ownership, control and teamwork issues
  • How to select among a set of “generic” Internet strategies to help you accomplish objectives
  • How to take your Internet plan “off the shelf” and put it into action
  • How to incorporate other aspects of the Internet besides the Web, such as e-mail & newsgroups, into your plan