“Killer” Customer Service over the Internet

October 2nd, 1996

Workshop by

This is the workshop you’ve been waiting for – a LIVE Internet connection
so you can see what the buzz is all about, while an expert in Internet-based
customer service explains what it all means! Customer service departments
looking to “get on the Net” need to prepare for the opportunities, pitfalls,
and competitive market niches that are being created in Cyberspace.

This in-depth, half-day workshop specifically designed for non-technical
customer service professionals prepares you to more fully participate in
the marketplace. Basic concepts, terms, practices, and directions will be
clearly defined and demonstrated. A number of successful online customer
service centers will be closely examined, as we analyze in detail the characteristics
of their success. We’ll illustrate exactly how these companies are creating
satisfied customizers and reducing operational costs. And most importantly,
you’ll learn in this interactive workshop how to apply those techniques
to your own online customer service venture. Demonstrations and discussions
will include:

  • Auto-response email
  • Following up with personal email
  • Answering their questions before they ask them! Frequently Asked Questions
    with answers
  • Getting customers to help each other: online discussion groups
  • Getting your data out there: online libraries of technical specifications,
    ties with corporate systems (e.g. FedEx)
  • Putting it at their fingertips: using search engines and hierarchical
  • Personalized web pages and automated personal notification services
    by email

Get a jump on your competition and get the solid foundation you need to
succeed in this exciting new customer service venue by joining us for this
one-of-a-kind workshop!