Business Opportunities of Web-Based Educational Publishing

September 29th, 1995

Workshop by

Colleges and universities are now discovering the many benefits of educational publishing on the Internet. But is the transition worth the effort? And how are publishers responding to these opportunities? This workshop will lead participants to answer these questions and teach you how to target your readers.

Participants in this workshop will learn the details of:

  • Intellectual property issues:
    • Identifying and protecting copyrights & trademarks
    • Registration procedures for copyrights & trademarks
  • Security implications:
    • Sending information only to approved Internet users
    • Keeping cybervandals and cyberthieves out of your

    • When, what, and how to charge for program usage:
      • Demos, trial licenses
      • Registration procedures
      • Billing procedures (fixed monthly charges vs. usage-based

      • What to charge for and what to provide free of

      • Foreign currency
      • Secure payment options (FirstVirtual, DigiCash,
        credit cards, etc.)
    • Reaching diverse markets on the Net
      • Minorities
      • Non-English speaking students